Bob Gumbe and Inacio Silva[Maputo, Mozambique] The entire border of Mozambique and Tanzania defining the terrestrial and maritime borders are defined by natural resources. Ruvuma River defines the terrestrial border while the Ruvuma Basin in the Indian Ocean does the same to the oceanic border of the two nations.
By Richard Mtika[Dar es Salaam, Tanzania] The Royal Dutch Shell is returning to the western Indian Ocean. In a historic deal expected to be completed next year the Anglo-Dutch Shell has placed a staggering $70billion to buy out BG Group.
By Bob Gumbe [Maputo, Mozambique] China leads three other Asian nation’s plans in transforming the South-East African nation of Mozambique into a hub of natural gas exploration.
Par Faïza Soulé YoussoufCela fait plus de 20 ans, que les Comores connaissent des problèmes de fourniture d’énergie. Ces derniers temps, la crise a atteint des proportions inimaginables. Dans certaines localités de la Grande-Comore – île où est située la capitale, Moroni-, il s’est passé 3 mois depuis la dernière fourniture en électricité.La société de l’électricité ne fournit que 5 mégawatt pour toute l’île. Ce qui explique que Moroni soit éclairé au compte-goutte. Et selon les dernières informations recueillies sur place, la situation ira en s’empirant si une solution n’est pas trouvée. Le gouvernement semble avoir placé tous ses espoirs…
By Jahangir Khan[New Delhi, India] A study by the Asian Development Bank in early 2014 had projected that India’s energy demands will increase and will be in competition with those of its Asian neighbours notably China and Japan.
By Malik Hossain[Port Louis, Mauritius] Mauritius wants to be a regional oil and gas hub. While hydrocarbon’s focus has for the last five years has been narrowed to Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia and lately Seychelles, the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius is now keen to join the pack.
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